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“One of the most thorough and technologically advanced Chiropractic Assessments in South Africa”



Initial 5-step Chiropractic Assessment

1. Electronic Health and Spinal History Forms (Completed Online)

Your medical history and that of your family, past and present. Aches, pains, dysfunction, known mobility issues, traumas, accidents, and symptoms are recorded on a timeline. Key health factors are also discussed and noted to cover all major systems of the body. All patient forms are completed 48hrs before your session so that the Chiropractor can analyse your case and prepare thoroughly in advance for your initial consultation.

2. Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is measured on every initial patient to determine if you have hypertension (High Blood Pressure). This is vital to determine that Chiropractic treatment can be safely

3. Postural Analysis

A set of 4 high-resolution pictures are taken of your posture from the front and from the side using a dedicated tablet. Special software analyses the images and creates a detailed and objective report showing degrees of deviation from the expected normal.

4.  3D Motion Analysis (R.O.M)

Dainfern Chiro are one of the first chiropractors in the world to use  innovative Motion scanning technology to determine how a person’s joints move and create a 3D video of each patient’s motion. This allows patients to see first hand areas of restricted motion which may be contributing to their specific problem or issue.

5. Detailed Muscle and Joint Palpation

A complete top-to-bottom (Full Spine) palpation check for muscle tone, mobility of the joints and locations where nerve impingement is occurring. Muscles and nerves are examined together to reveal tensions, trigger points, and other types of muscular-skeletal and neurological disfunction.

World Renowned Chiropractic Techniques

Dainfern Chiro uses cutting edge chiropractic treatment techniques from the USA and the UK. These techniques include the use of the Y-Strap adjustment made famous by Dr Joseph Cipriano (USA) and the Activator technique used by many of the most successful Chiropractors in the USA.

The Dainfern Chiro team have also been mentored and trained by some of the worlds best Chiropractors in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the United States of America.

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