Dainfern Chiro approach to Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common condition which patients visit Dainfern Chiro for. Many patients who come to see us have already tried other conservative treatments like Rest, Heat, Massage (Back Pain Home Remedies).

Many patients have also taken pain medication and may have already been to other therapists like Physiotherapist or Biokineticists for lower back pain stretches and lower back pain exercises.

Our approach to managing Lower back pain at Dainfern Chiro is to identify the cause of the pain.

To determine the cause of the pain a thorough history and physical examination. Dainfern Chiro also uses innovative posture and movement technology to analyse the patients posture.

In the majority of the cases the lower back pain is as a result of one of the following reasons:

  • Poor posture (Sitting or Standing)
  • Prolonged periods of sitting
  • Fall or slip
  • High levels of stress, emotional state
  • Lack of exercise or weak core muscles

Once we have identified the cause of the back pain and ruled out any RED FLAGS which may be causing the pain we will look to treat the patient. Chiropractic treatment generally involves the use of

Chiropractic Adjustment (spinal manipulation) and other soft tissue techniques. The patient will also be educated as to the cause fo the pain and how to modify their behaviour to prevent future incidents.Dainfern chiro uses innovative treatment techniques including the Y-STRAP adjustment (Spinal Decompression) and activator.

Numerous research studies have shown that Chiropractic Spinal manipulation to be a safe and effective method to manage lower back pain. Chiropractic treatment provides back pain relief in the majority of the cases we treat.The number of spinal manipulation treatments depends on the severity of the back pain as well as how well the patient  “sticks to the lifestyle modification advice provided.

The chiropractic approach to the management is a drug free and natural approach which relies on your body’s own ability to heal.


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Dainfern Chiro approach to Neck Pain Treatment

The  Dainfern Chiro approach to Neck pain is a non drug, conservative and safe approach to the treatment of neck pain.

Our approach to the treatment of neck pain will be to firstly identify the cause of the neck pain, to do so we will take a full history, conduct a full physical examination of the neck and shoulder region which includes orthopaedic, neurological and muscle testing. If required the patient may be sent through for further investigations like X-rays, Ultrasound.


Common Neck Pain Causes:

  • Poor sitting posture (Office workers)
  • Looking down while using a cell phone / Tablet
  • Sleeping on an incorrect pillow
  • Whiplash injuries from motor vehicle accidents
  • Sports Injuries


Treatment for Neck pain is focused firstly on education the patient with regards to cause of the pain as well as what changes will need to be made by the patient to prevent the pain occurring again.

In terms of chiropractic treatment, the primary goal will be to increase the range of motion of the particular area of the neck which is not moving correctly. This is done by the use of a Chiropractic adjustment (spinal manipulation) which results in both an increase in the motion of the spine as well as a decrease in pain and muscle spasm.

The number of treatment sessions will depend upon the severity of the neck pain however in general most patients see significant improvement within 3-5 sessions.



Dainfern Chiro approach to Headaches

Dainfern Chiro’s approach offers a drug free and natural approach to the management of Headaches. Our first line for the treatment of headaches in patients is to identify the cause/triggers of the headaches. The majority of patients who consult us for headaches have either of the following causes:

  • Higher stress or anxiety levels.
  • Poor posture or long periods of time sitting or straining their neck
  • High caffeine intake in the previous few days
  • Related to hormonal changes.

The majority of headaches which we see are tension headaches which are caused by dysfunction in the patients neck which refers forward to the head and around the patients eyes. 

With headaches it is vitally important that any potential red flags are ruled out to determine that the headache is not as a result fo a more sinister condition eg: meningitis.

Once the red flags have been ruled out the chiropractic treatment which is provided to the patient is involves chiropractic adjustment of the the patients neck in the areas of decreased range of motion. There are also soft tissue muscle techniques which are used to decreased the muscle spasm in the neck area.

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