Chiropractor Price





First Consultation (1hr)


1. Dainfern Chiro’s First consultation includes a Full Medical History and a Physical Examination including Blood Pressure, Reflexes, Orthopaedic tests, Neurological test and Posture Scans.

2. Once the examination has been completed a Diagnosis will be given to the patient as to what the cause of problem is. The chiropractor will then explain what the Treatment Plan will be to best treat the condition.

3. Thereafter a Chiropractic Treatment will be provided to the patient which is specific to the patients individual needs. The patient will also be educated as to what to do at home and at work to prevent the problem occurring again.

Follow Up Consultation 


1. Dainfern Chiro’s follow up consultations usually include a Progress Update from the Patient as to how they are feeling in terms of pain and mobility since the previous session.The chiropractor will then perform a Physical Examination which included a¬†Blood Pressure Test.

2. Thereafter a Chiropractic Treatment will be provided to the patient. The treatment may be the same as the previous treatment or may be changed/ adapted to achieve the best results for the patient.



First Baby Consultation (1hr)
Follow up Baby Consultation




  • Please note that we are contracted out of medical aid and require payment after each treatment.
  • Payment methods accepted are cash, credit and debit cards (Excluding Diners Club and American Express)
  • Our rates are based on the Discovery Medical Aid Healthcare Provider Rates