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“Dainfern Chiro and Dr Darren is one of the best chiropractors I have been to. Not only is he friendly and professional, but he also has one of the lowest rates of any chiropractor in the Sandton and Fourways area.

He explains the process to you as he goes which puts you at ease and by the end of my first appointment I already felt ten times better. His objective is to help you get better so that you don’t have to keep coming back rather than keeping you reliant on repeat treatments which is a refreshing approach. I highly recommend this practice.” ROBERT


“Highly recommend Dainfern Chiro!!! An extremely helpful team, who has helped me, be free from all the pain that I have been experiencing. I have recently been suffering with extremely bad lower back pain, and also have had migraines& minor headaches for about 6 to 7 years. I have been taking pain medication almost every day and after just 2 sessions with Darren and Merissa, I have been relieved from the pain. Since seeing them, I have not had any pain in my lower back nor headaches, and have not taken pain medication since. They not only focus on the pain that you experience at that moment, but also equip with precautions to take for the future to stay pain free”  Irene



“I had an incredibly great experience with Darren and Merissa. They are an excellent team who did a great job at helping me heal.

I was at a point where I couldn’t walk or even stand for longer than 30 minutes without excruciating pain. I had a serious leg pain, headaches, back pain for a number of years. I have seen too many doctors and specialists.

After 4 sessions with Darren and Merrissa the pain was reduced tremendously by about 90%. They even talked me through what caused the pains and what I need to do to make sure it doesn’t come back. I highly recommend this Dainfern Chiro team to anyone that is tired of suffering in pain.”  TALITA


“I saw Dr Darren a week ago.I had excruciating shoulder pain,I could not even move my hand.I had taken pain medication with no relief.After just one session,my pain had decreased significantly and I could move my hand.By the third session-a few days later,all the pain was completely gone! He also taught me how to improve my posture so I do not experience the problem again.

Darren is very knowledgeable,friendly and professional.

I highly recommend Dainfern chiro!” Nonka



“So I pretty much go to the gym everyday, well 5 days a week. So this one night while picking up weights at the gym, I honestly don’t know what happened but the muscles on my neck were quite badly affected, I think I pulled a muscle or a nerve, it was painful to even move my neck to look down or side ways. It was hard to sleep that night, even the drive back home from the gym was just too much to get through. Long story short, I woke up, went straight to Darren at Mediwell Dainfern Square, I told him what happened. And I swear to you not, it took him a good 5min for him to take that pain away. And I should add, I was quite nervous cos I was in pain and I didn’t know if this would work or what, but the guy knows exactly what his doing. Now I go to him for any type of discomfort or irritating pains I might have. The procedure is painless n effective. I strongly recommend him if you have any pains you might have from the gym or wherever. ? , TSHEPISO



“I recently visited Dr Merissa Govender at Dainfern Square and I was totally impressed with her service and quality. It took 3 x sessions and my back felt so relaxed and mobile as I have always had issues with muscle spasms and tightness.
I have been to chiro’s before but her technique is different and they work so I would highly recommend her.

Very friendly, patient, knowledgeable and affordable.” MICHELE


“Dainfern Chiro is an extremely professional practise. Darren has a very good bedside manner, that made someone like me ‘first time visit to a chiro’ feel at ease. His diagnosis of my issues were 100% correct ‘ without me fully disclosing all of them’. I am now feeling great!
I would highly recommend Dr Darren for any one that is looking for a great chiro“. DARRYL




“Dainfern Chiro is one of the best experiences i had when it comes to resolve back/neck pain and headaches. Ive had these pains for almost a year and went to countless physio sessions which resolved the issue only temporarily.

Darren who is part of a husband and wife duo was able to treat me and resolve the issue after three sessions.

He really took the time to explain what the issue was and how it can be resolved after the first consultation.

I would recommend this chiropractic practice to anyone who work in corporate or desk jobs as these are one of their main focuses in”  BERNARD




“Dainfern Chiro services are one of a kind. I was suffering from back spasms & headaches very often and I went to many Chiros but could not get relief. When I visited Dainfern Chiro, they sorted my back issues out with unique techniques and also the advise I received from them to help me to stabilize my back and also deal with stress in the corporate environment really worked.

One thing of note is that they are very cost effective, willing to help at any given time and they are open on weekends including Sundays. The practice is run by a couple (Husband & Wife) which is unique in Joburg and the Husband has experience in corporate which is amazing. My overall experience has been great. Thank you so much.” KISHAN




“After a Google search for a chiropractor in Dainfern, I found Dainfern Chiro. This is a husband and wife team, and the husband, Dr Darren, specializes in people in corporates (which was perfect for me).

I had my first visit on 11 January 2019, and a second visit on 13 January 2019, and what a difference!

What I really enjoyed most is his pleasant-ness and that he sits you down and explains what he does and also what’s going on with you (after a consult).
I’m very comfortable with him and he knows what he is doing! He is definitely my go-to guy, and comes highly recommended.”  PRIYA



“Highly recommend Dainfern Chiro. A truly caring practice who aim to not only treat patients but empower them over and above the usual stretches, seating, posture, etcetera. I have suffered for years with TMJ and migraines and Dr. Merissa’s treatment was well received. If you have tried medication, acupuncture, needling, botox etcetera and would like an alternative don’t hesitate to see her. Another bonus: they can help on Sundays!”  NATAEYA




“I have had amazing sessions with Merissa. Being a breastfeeding mom, my back has naturally suffered, since the sessions I’ve learnt how to continue nursing but also check my posture. I really recommend this practice.”  NTOKOZO 



“Dr Merissa has been amazing at helping me. I went in with back pain due to breastfeeding and she has helped me with my back, lower back and neck. My quality of life has improved significantly. I’m so grateful thanks Merissa. Many more people need to know about this. Absolute best.”  KENEILWE



“Having read a few articles on the importance of babies receiving chiro treatment to ensure the correct development of the spine, and even more so c-section babies, who miss out on the birth canal manipulating their spine during a natural birth, I took our newborn to see Dr Merissa when she was just 10 days old. We were at that point also battling with our little one passing gas and she would cry before doing so. She also tended to favour keeping her head to the left side (as this is how she tended to be in my tummy before she was born).

Before starting, Dr Merissa explained exactly what she does and what she would be looking for, putting our minds at ease as we were expecting something a little more rough like an adult session would maybe be. Through gentle techniques, Dr Merissa worked on our baby while she contentedly slept through what looked like a little massage! And boy did she continue to sleep nicely after all 3 of her sessions! By the end of the first session, our baby turned her head to the right by herself, whilst we were still chatting to Dr Merissa, due to the way her little neck muscles had loosened up during the session! I was so impressed!

Dr Merissa showed us some gentle massages and exercises which we could continue with at home and we have seen such positive change in our little girl! She is now able to pass gas easier on her own and we do some of the massages Dr Merissa showed us if we notice her battling. She also turns her head to the right throughout the day, which she wasn’t doing s lot of before the sessions.

I am so grateful for the friendly welcome, genuine guidance and care that Dr Merissa has shown us and our little girl and will be recommending her to anyone I know who has a small child, so they too can see the positive results.”  TARRYN